thomas-the-novelist asked: “ "Oh, hello, Sir!" Thomas gave the blond a smile. He was wearing street clothes, and was clearly of a lower class, but still seemed to just casually be wandering around the school grounds. "That flower, or should I say holly, on your lapel... might you be the Green House prefect I've heard about?" ”


“Heard about me?” Herman felt like cartoonishly scratching his head. “I am, yes.” He finally replied, stretching his arm out to shake the hand of the newest visitor. His apearance hadn’t gone unnoticed, but as always, it was not a topic the prefect would want to discuss. Classes and money weren’t exactly the greatest conversation starters, but actually, all of the opposite. And after all, if you classified people for their worth and only spoke to citizens who you believed were as ‘noble’ as you are you would be living in a tedious little bubble! “And you are observant, my friend.”

Anonymous asked: “ What do you think of the other 3 prefects, Your highness? ”


“I am in no way deserving of that title, so please let us keep it for more respectable individuals.” The blonde nodded, respectfully asking before straightening his back and speaking in his characteristical tone. “Now, my reply!” Strong eyebrows set and Greenhill crossed his arms, not much time passing before selecting who to speak about first.

❧ “Bluer is the cleverest gentleman I’ve ever met. Many can be inteligent, many can study and learn. All of us can aquire knowlege! But his smarts and his might are inhuman! To shine from being that kind of bright is almost an art, or a sport. Brains can be brawn, and if put into action, he is both, and he can come close to perfection. He is in his own very way, a star.”

❧ “Redmond is the personalization of everything I thought I couldn’t understand. The beauty, the power some people get from just being in the way when luck hits like thunder. Unmathematical, unscheduled, but unavoidable. You cannot stop your eyes from going after that gleam at the top of the mountain, and just like the Northern star guides people, I’m convinced Redmond can do the same with just a snap of his fingers. That is true power.”

❧ “The las one is …Violet” Greenhill let a short, dry chuckle out. “They always say black and white can coexist. The Ying and the Yang, all those stories about there being darkness and light in all of us, and everything having an underside we can’t always see completely. The imperfect and the perfect, the ugly and the beautiful, the scary and the alluring? Gregory Violet proves it, and if you don’t want to hear about it, he’ll draw it for you.”

umekozaru asked: “ "Good evening, my dear." The tall girl curtsied, then looked him right in the eyes. "I am sorry for the late bother, it was a long journey all the way from germany, and I am glad I finally arrived." ”


❧ The friendly form of address made the man look rather nervous, or at least, a bit out of his confort zone. He bowed, following the conversation quickly to feel at ease. “Germany, huh? Well, I am also glad you arrived safely without any trouble. May I ask if you need any help?”

❧ “So many different faces arriving here today!” Greenhill expressed with a very tight smile, craning his head slightly to see. "But differences make us all stick together, just like pieces in a puzzle would. Welcome, all of you!"

❧ Humble as ever, but with a straight and severe expression, the prefect directs himself to the visitors in the main gate. "Greetings, guests!" He welcomes, the two words slightly twisting his tongue. "Do any of you need help?"

❧ The blonde turns, letting his hands rest on his hips. "Ah!" He lets out. Another significant amount of newcomers! "Greenhill, prefect of the Green Lions. Can I help you find your ways?"

❧ A few steps in, the blonde stops in front of the gathering of people, slightly raising a broad, dark eyebrow. "Hello. I am Herman Greenhill, prefect of the Green House. Do any of you need directions to the main office?"

❧ "Welcome, and excuse my disappearance. It was highly irresponsible!" The tall student roars in his low voice, offering a small bow. "But that is not the topic to discuss. With what could I help this group today?" 
Anonymous asked: “ Good afternoon Lord Greenhill "asked an long blond hair girl with scarlet eyes" Nice to meet you "courtesy bow" ”

 Lord? His green eyes jumped at the rant the female had given him for a second, settling later into a tight smile. "That title is a bit too extravagant. Please, Greenhill is fair and enough." Herman followed and bowed at the other before offering a friendly hand. After all, bows were for dance halls and courtesy, and by no means an actual step on getting to know someone. "And you are, Miss-" He paused, waiting for her name. 




Herman-Greenhill started to follow you

The young lion stalked the field among fellows of his pack. The crack of bats that sent firm balls soaring through the sky. The sweat and kinship and laughter that rang out. Proud and fearless students one and all, in the face of any opposition - Even among their own dorm for practise. ‘ere the Midford son could be found in the aftermath of practise, hot and bothered as he sprawled upon the short-shorn grass of the only field upon which treading was applicable; with their own prefects permission of course { G R A N T E D } though he was absent, here or there Edward knew not though he could rest easy in the knowledge that he’d worked hard to complete all the duties as expected of a prefects fag in order to enjoy this time.

As the sun beat down, he reflected he ought follow the lead of his friends though the need to rise was at present contested by lethargic limbs. Dressed in cricket whites that were stained with smudging of green from the crushed grass beneath. Still breathing a little heavily. How nice it would be to nap, he reflected. Enjoying the way the moment dragged as if it could last an eternity.

{ Enter, stage left; } G r e e n h i l l

❧ Slight shash of the grass when it gave up under the tall blonde’s feet, step by step the same little sound that somehow appealed to him. But he knew why. It was the green that represented what he held dear, what he loved most. Every patch of emerald grass that when he passed reminded him of a fall -Literally- a shot ball flying faster than his own eyes, and the bang of the bat he now carried, still. 

“Midford” The prefect’s voice resonated across, loud and clear over the silent nothingness that filled the open space. There, an inflating and deflating chest dressed in white stood, a familiar face. Another blonde, his fag, and a man he believed. A man he had to believe, because he was his right hand, in more than one way, both in the field and off. “I bet you are too tired to beat me …once again.” Herman rounded up the boy, speaking seriously and properly but what he would know was a tone of joke. Switching his white bat from his shoulder to touch the grass, a smirk came to view. 

The sharp bark of his name had him turn, a glance over his shoulder as smile met smile. His prefect, that prefect cricket player and honourable man Herman Greenhill. Edward much admired him, that much was obvious in the dedication and attention to detail all duties he took upon were graced with.

“Sir!” He called in firm acknowledgement, all too aware he might be demanded to repeat- and more loudly too. Next words a quieter tone, better suited for light conversation. “Is that a challenge?” He questioned the obvious for comic relief more then anything. More then content to follow the whims of the taller blond.

“There is but one bat and no ball between us.” A slightly lighthearted and playful twist to his tone as he lifted his chin ever so slightly. Having turned properly to meet him face to face.

❧ "Then you will have to do with what you have" Herman swung his bat from left to right, sporting a smile you almost never could see before hiding it again and turning serious once more. "Or you will have to serve as my own ball. Seems like a good day to roll in the grass without a care, doesn’t it?" Could have been a joke, but the prefect spoke gravely. 

A step or two towards where the first wicket of the field stood, the tallest of the two boys began checking their equipment was perfectly hammered into the ground. Of course, this seemed like a rather unnecessary move, since there was no ball, but a safe game before all! Hypocritical, them being without any protection. But again, how could they get hurt without anything to play with? The Green Lion chuckled once. "Ready?"